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2013 ICX Series Overview

2013 Event Schedule

Category Distance St. Time Prizes
Cat 5 – Men 30min 10:00am Merch/3
Cat 4 – Women 30min 10:01am Merch/3
Junior Women 10-14 30min 10:02am Merch/3
Junior Men 10-14 30min 10:02am Merch/3
Junior Women 15-18 30min 10:02am Merch/3
Junior Men 15-18 30min 10:02am Merch/3
Kids Race 10min 10:40am Merch/All
Masters 40+ 45min 11:00am $100/3
Masters 50+ 45min 11:01am $100/3
Cat 3 – Masters 40+ 45min 11:02am Merch/3
Cat 3 – Masters 50+ 45min 11:03am Merch/3
Cat 3 – Men 45min 12:00pm Merch/3
Cat 1/2/3 Women 45min 12:01pm $250/5
Cat 3 – Women 45min 12:01pm Merch/3
Cat 1/2/3 Men 60min 1:00pm $500/8
Cat 4 – Men 40min 2:15pm Merch/3
Cat 4 – Masters 40+ 40min 2:16pm Merch/3
Cat 4 – Masters 50+ 40min 2:17pm Merch/3
*Note: Schedule is different for the Cross the Fort series opener*

Starting Order/Call-ups

In order to encourage early pre-registration and consistent ICX event participation, starting row positions will be based with these two things in mind.

  • Call-ups are awarded to pre-registered riders only. If you’re ranked in the top 15 and not pre-registered, you are not called up.
  • First 15 positions on starting line grid will be reserved for the top ranked riders in each start time and wave as of the latest published overall results as posted. Note: It is YOUR responsibility to notify the series staff of any incorrect rankings prior to the race. Please email us if you have questions.
  • The remaining start positions are assigned by order of pre-registration.


  • Points are assigned by Wave and/or Category for the purpose of Call-ups. Overall Series standings are ranked separately by Category.
  • The Men’s CAT 4/5 & Masters CAT 4/5 wave is combined for points assignments
  • Women CAT 1/2/3 & Women CAT are combined in the wave for points, Men CAT are assigned separately
  • The Open Masters & CAT 3 Masters wave is combined for points assignments
  • Women CAT 4 are assigned separately from Juniors
  • Men CAT 1/2/3 are assigned separately
  • Series Finale Races are worth double points

ICX Points

Overall Series

  • ICX Series will be scored from your best 6 finishes.
  • Series awards will be presented at the Finale event.
  • Anyone upgrading to next Category can take 2 races worth of points up to next category
  • The ICX awards presentation will be held immediately following the final race of the season
  • The top finisher for each scored category that does not receive a cash award will receive awards and prizes
  • ADDITIONALLY – Elite Categories will split OVERALL Purse as follows:
    • Elite Men – $300, $200, $160, $120, $70, $50 ($900 total)
    • Elite Women – $140, $100, $70, $40 ($350 total)
    • Elite Master’s 40 overall – $140, $100, $70, $40 ($350 total)
    • Elite Master’s 50 overall – $140, $100, $70, $40 ($350 total)

FINE PRINT — USA cycling upgrade rules apply to all categories

Source: USA Cycling Rules

USA Cycling Rules Excerpt