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2013 Planet Adventure Urban Sprint Adventure Race

The 2013 Planet Adventure Urban Sprint Adventure Race Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Planet Adventure Urban Sprint Adventure Race requires teams to trek, ride and paddle their way through up to 6 hours of challenging fun and teamwork. Teams will also encounter special challenges not common in many sprint races. This is a great race for both experienced and beginning racers. Experienced racers can expect to finish the entire course as well within the 6 hours allotted. The course is being designed so that most teams should be able to finish the entire course within 6 hours.
Triton Brewing Company
5764 Wheeler Road
Indianapolis, IN 46216

  • 6:30 AM Pre-Race Check-In: located inside the Triton Brewery (All Times Eastern)
  • 7:30 AM Pre-Race Briefing THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
  • 7:50 AM All Racers arrive at the start line for final instructions
  • 8:00 AM Race Starts!
  • Race cutoff time will be 2:00 PM. We want as many teams to finish as possible. Be aware, as in the past, team arriving after the 2:00 PM cut-off will be penalized by losing a checkpoint for each minute late.
Post-Race Food: TBD
Race Field: Limited to 60 Teams
Parking: On city streets
Spectator Info: Can be found at the Start/Finish at Registration
Swag: All entries will receive a Event T-Shirt.
Facilities: Portables Only

Race Divisions 

  • 2 and 3 person co-ed,
  • all-male and all-female
  • Social Team Option: Join a team, lead by experienced adventurer Craig Healy, that will race as a large group split into individual teams to learn & have fun together along the course. The Social Team will NOT be ranked & will NOT be eligible for plaques, it’s a training option for new racers.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place plaques to teams in the following categories

  • 2-person coed
  • 3-person coed
  • 2-person all male
  • 2-person all female
  • 3-person all male
  • 3-person all female

Categories must consist of at least 5 teams in order to be eligible for plaques.

Rules are subject to Unranked Status or Disqualification if broken

1. Each team MUST consist of 2 or 3 members, and fit within the race divisions of: Co-ed, all male, or all female.

2. Each team MUST carry a fully charged cell phone. The team cell phone is used for immediate emergency assistance only. Dial 911 if your team needs immediate emergency assistance by the authorities.  Police, EMT, etc…

3. All Adventure Racers MUST wear Official Race Bib provided by race management at all times.

4. All Adventure Racers MUST complete the minimum course requirements as prescribed to be considered an official finisher.

5. All Adventure Racers MUST stay within 50 feet of each other or face a time penalty or disqualification.

6. All Adventure Racers MUST cross the finish line together.

7. All Adventure Racers MUST show good sportsmanship to fellow racers, volunteers, spectators, etc …

8. All teams MUST turn in their passports at the end of the race to be considered finishers.

9. No outside assistance is permitted at any time. Teams may help other teams.

10. Have Fun !!!

Mandatory Gear List


  • Mountain Bike (No cyclo-cross bikes)
  • ANSI approved bike helmet (each member)


  • PFD (coast guard type III)
  • Waterproof map case (suggested – large baggies will work) (ONE PER TEAM)
  • Paddle, canoe or kayak paddle OK
  • Canoes will be provided (1 per team)
  • Rental kayak paddles and PFD’s are available.

WHILE ON ROPES (all required gear, other than gloves, will be provided if teams do not have access to this equipment – but you’ll move faster if you have your own equipment)

  • Update will be provided closer to race date


  • Cell phone
  • Water-proof cell phone pouch or box heavily suggested – you WILL get wet.
  • Writing utensil – pen recommended, Sharpie even better.
  • Compass
  • First aid kit: suggested contents below:
    • (3) 4″x4″ gauze pads
    • (1) roll of medical tape
    • Antibacterial ointment or cream – 1/2 ounce min.
    • 3″ wide Ace Bandage
    • (4) painkiller tablets (Acetaminophen, aspirin, etc.)
    • (4) anti-inflammatory tablets (Ibuprofen, etc.)
    • (4) electrolyte tablets (E-cap, potassium, glutamate, etc.)
    • (4) glucose tablets (available at all major drug stores)
    • Sunscreen


  • Hydration system 16 ounce minimum
  • Race bib or number visible over clothing


  • Water bottles or bladder (50 ounce capacity)
  • Sun Glasses
  • Bike gloves for bike and paddle
  • Extra compass
  • Bike multi-tool
  • 2 spare tubes
  • Patch kit
  • Bike pump
Location: Triton Brewing Company, Fort Benjamin Harrison Physical Address: 5764 Wheeler Road Indianapolis, IN 46216

Weather: Weather in August is hot.  Temperatures in the 90’s aren’t unusual.  While we expect you to have plenty of opportunities to cool yourself during the race (yes, there will be a possibility of getting wet) – most importantly you should hydrate regularly.  We will have medical personal at the race; however you’re ultimately responsible for yourself and your teammates. This is Adventure Racing (keyword … Adventure), so for those that are new to the sport, you need to know and understand that it’s very important that you plan accordingly with hydration and first aid needs until professional medical assistance or race staff can reach you.  Since you will be racing in and around downtown Indy, there will be ample opportunities to find water sources.

Gear List: Please be sure to read over the gear list and make sure you have what is required. We try to keep the gear requirements to a minimum for our ‘Sprint’ races, but again, make sure you have what is posted on our gear list.

Paddles and PFD’s:   We have paddles and PFD’s for teams to rent if you don’t have one. Please notify us if your team needs paddles. We recommend using your own, but again, we do have plenty to rent.

Volunteers:   We can always use more volunteers for our races. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in Adventure Racing. Email me at jsnewlin@goldenrule.com if you can/want to help out.

Teams/Teammates: If you need a teammate or a team, let me know.

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